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Stirile IT din 1 aprilie 1976 [EN] Processor Technologies SOL-20 Terminal

Lee Felsenstein, the moderator over at the Homebrew CC in the Bay Area, has designed an amazing machine called the SOL-20.

He named it after Les Solomon, who is an editor at Popular Electronics (my favorite magazine, next to Playboy). You can hook a B&W TV to it, and it actually has a built-in typewriter keyboard!

I seriously doubt if computers are going to get more powerful than this! 10K of RAM, an Intel 8080A, serial and cassette ports, and 5 slots for expansion.

Mike Schrayer says he’s working on a “word processor” program called Electric Pencil that will run on the SOL-20.

One problem with the SOL-20? You’re going to have to be a millionaire to own one.

It’s $1649 in kit form, and if you really have the bread stashed under your waterbed, you can buy a fully-assembled SOL for $2129.

That’s for the rich members with money to burn and lousy soldering skills (yeah, we’re talking about you, Roger!).

sursa: http://www.engadget.com


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